About Us

The Foundation was started in memory of Late Professor Michael Toluwase Babalola. Late Professor Michael Toluwase Babalola received scholarships to pursue his elementary, secondary, bachelor, and doctoral degrees. Without these scholarships, he would not have gotten a good education due to his underprivileged background.

The Professor Michael Toluwase Babalola Memorial Scholarship Foundation believes that diligent students deserve education beyond the primary/elementary level. The foundation believes that lack of financial support should not be an obstacle to hard-working students striving to acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in life.

The foundation was created specifically to support underprivileged and hard-working elementary, secondary(middle and high schools) students to succeed academically and then make it eventually in life.


Awarding scholarships provided by generous donors.


Advising and mentoring students for excellence.


Selected students are identified at SS1 and mentored until admitted.


Extra lessons are organized weekly to prepare students for O-level examinations and university entrance examinations.


Monthly seminars are held with speakers from all over the world covering various topics, including career options/university admission, etc

Mission Statement

Professor Michael Toluwase Babalola Memorial Scholarship Foundation, aka BabsFoundation, aims to inspire, encourage, and support hardworking and underprivileged students in elementary and secondary (high) schools by providing information, training, extra-lessons, mentoring opportunities, and scholarships.

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We are always waiting for your helping hands, human service is the greatest religion.